Why would you start a Bible study? Well, maybe because you’ve been asking yourself these questions:

Why am I here on earth?
What does God want from me?
How can I experience the guidance of the Holy Spirit?
How can I receive more of His love?
What is His Word trying to tell me?


Well, there is great news! The Bible answers these questions. The Bible is the Word of God, a treasure of worth and words.
We can almost hear you thinking… “The Bible? I’ve started to read it so many times, but it’s just so difficult…”

Amen – a Bible study in personal letters

We – Father Gert and Father Johan – want to help you to read and study the Bible. What you need, besides study, are practical exercises that will help you understand the Word of God and learn to hear His voice.
That’s why, a few years ago, we started Amen – a series of letters of faith, in which we explain the Bible in simple, modern language. Our letters will help you – step by step – to read, study and understand the Bible for yourself. Only then will the Bible become the Word of God spoken to you personally.

Amen. will also offer you practical exercises, so you can experience how the Bible “works”. Reading the Bible as God’s personal Word requires time, practice, and dedication. But you will be rewarded with God’s guidance in your life. Amen. will help you to discover God’s purpose for you.

Does God have a purpose for me?

Yes, we’re sure about this: God has a purpose for you, but only He knows what that purpose is. You can discover this by opening your heart to Him while you read and study His Word, the Bible. You will hear His voice and discover your purpose here on earth. Amen. wants to help you to hear God’s voice.

We know the Bible is not an easy book. But it’s so rich in beauty. The Bible is a treasure-trove of stories that will make you think. You want to discover that treasure? Then make the time to do so, regularly, because Bible study with your heart requires practice – daily, weekly…

Reading and studying seem to be matters of the mind. But God’s Word also speaks to your heart. Both – heart and mind – belong together. Your dedication and perseverance, all the time you spend with your Bible study, will not for nothing. Together they will produce something beautiful.

Reading, studying, practising, waiting…. A challenge?!


We offer you this challenge in the form of Amen. Amen. is not a study book or teaching method. No, it’s a series of letters of faith. You will receive these on a regular basis in your own time, at moments of your choosing, at your own pace. If it is your desire to know God better, then Amen. truly is something for you.

What makes Amen different from other Bible study methods?

Amen. is letters, personally for and about you
•You will receive our letters at intervals
•The letters contain practical exercises
Amen. does NOT claim to have a monopoly on Truth
Amen. wants you to discover what your purpose is.
Amen. is not a Bible study method. but a personal process

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