In many places the revelation of the Fatherheart of God is already being shared. So what is there to add to all that? Well, since the love of the Father is without end: a lot – of which experience. is the most important.

What is the Fatherheart of God?

Your heart is where you live. Your heart is the centre of your being. The same is true for the Fatherheart of God: it is the centre of Who He is. Jesus tells us that God is Father (and you probably pray that regularly). Being a Father, it’s only natural that God has the Heart of a Father.
The Bible tells us that God is love. Since the Fatherheart of God is His centre, it is also the source of His love. A living source, because God’s Fatherheart beats for you.

You’ve probably heard this before. This is not new.
But knowing that God loves you is not the same as knowing Him loving you.. Since love flows from His heart, it is meant to reach your heart., not your head. But it will only enter your heart if you open it – as the heart of a son, of a daughter.

The Fatherheart of God wants hearts of sons and daughters

Opening your heart is a process – a personal process, at times quite demanding, but in the end considerably enriching. And yes, it sounds so easy, but when it comes to really doing. it, many people discover that they cannot keep up this process just by themselves.

We – father Gert and father Johan – believe that you are created as a son, as a daughter of the Heavenly Father. We believe that you are worthy of all the love that flows from His Fatherheart. That’s why we offer you a Bible study that keeps pace with your personal process – the process of not just becoming a true son, true daughter, but really living. as one.

Amen., as our Bible study is called, is portioned in a series of personal letters. Every three weeks you will receive one of these letters, containing a fundamental Bible study and practical exercises. With these we support you in getting familiar with all the revelations that flow from the Fatherheart of God into your life.

What will I learn?

• You will get to know the Word of God as it is intended: words spoken by a Father Who loves His sons and daughters
• You will grow in experiencing how the Father speaks to you
• You will gradually start living the life of a beloved son, a beloved daughter of the Father
• You will discover for what purpose the Father has created you, and how to get there
• You will encounter the rest of the Father’s (and your!) family – after all, the Fatherheart of God also beats for His other. sons and daughters
• You will learn about the challenges of this spiritual growth, and how to overcome them

But what if….

We know that for some the name ‘Father’ stirs up a lot of pain, fear, maybe even anger. An increasing number of people grows up in an environment where their father is not a nice person. These experiences might considerably blur the image of the Heavenly Father. It could make you think something like: “I’ve had enough trouble with my earthly father, so I definitely don’t want any more trouble with a Heavenly Father!”

If this describes you, first of all know that we respect your feelings. What you’ve been through is not right. We just want you to know that God the Father is not a copy of your earthly father. It’s just the other way around: the Heavenly Father is the perfect and supreme loving original, and your father is the copy. Unfortunately some fathers have become bad copies.

Become who you are

We don’t want you to become a copy of your earthly father – we rather want you to become what you have been created for: a true son, a true daughter of the Heavenly Father Who is good. You. are created to be good and loved. The Fatherheart of God also beats for you, and our desire is that you – especially you – experience His true and sincere love. For this reason we want to encourage you to give God a try. You’re worth it!

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