Christianity is almost 2000 years old, but not outdated. It still inspires people, and there is so much more to discover. If you are ready for a challenging journey to the most fundamental truth about your life, we invite you to join Amen.. You will be surprised – and enriched!

Is there a fundamental truth?

Yes, there is. How do we know? Well, because there is only one reality – the one you and we are living in. Wether you like it or not, this reality is just the way it is. It functions the way it functions, and it has the meaning it has. Since you are part of this reality, the same applies to you. You function the way you function, and you have the meaning you have.

However, not everybody likes. this idea. To many this seems like predestination, and people rather want to be free to make their own choices. What’s more: people want to have a good life. They want peace.
The good news is: what people desire is exactly what they are destined for.

This also applies to you. You are. designed to make your own choices, to have a good life. And this one reality has been designed precisely to enable you to have peace.
If that is true, then why doesn’t reality function like this? The answer is: because most people don’t know reality the way it is. They know reality the way they experience. it.

Fundamental truth is found in mature Christianity

Many have tried to describe the meaning and functioning of reality, but none has been so accurate as Christianity – that is, the mature Christianity. as it is meant to be. Unfortunately is this not the Christianity the world knows. Instead of a mature Christianity, we find a Christianity that is still half grown.
This is not intended to be judgmental – it’s just mere observation.

Half grown Christianity is the result of half grown Christians. Being half grown is not wrong – unless you stop growing, of course. But if Christians continue growing, they’ll mature. Mature Christians will deliver mature Christianity. And mature Christianity will reveal the fundamental truth the whole of reality is built on – the fundamental truth you .are designed for, and (as we believe) what you are longing for. If not, you probably would already have stopped reading…

Root deep to grow higher

Growing is a process, but the deeper you root in fundamental truth, the firmer you stand and the higher you can grow. In order to support your spiritual growth into mature Christianity, we – father Gert and father Johan – have developed Amen., a Bible study portioned in a series of personal letters.

Every three weeks you will receive one of these letters, containing a Bible study that will lead you step by step to the fundamental truth of the reality you live in. You will discover some fundamental principles that relate directly to your life. In every letter you will also find one or more practical exercises to help you applying these principles. With these we support you in actively rooting in the fundamental truth that will enable you to become a mature Christian.

What will I learn?

• You will discover the accuracy and relevance of the Bible for your life today
• You will get familiar with your personal design
• You will learn how God speaks to you personally
• You will become able to discern about the purpose you have been created for
• You will experience God’s love for you
• You will grow into a more mature Christian, that enables the world to see a more mature Christianity

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