Thanks for wanting to apply. We want Amen to be a positive experience for you. Bear in mind that your dedication will determine what you will get out of it.

Important notice for the non-native English speaking:
registering from this page will provide you with letters in the English language. If you want to receive your letters in another language, first change to that language with the button on the right top of this page.

Be blessed and welcome!
This is the registration procedure:

Fill out the form below. In case your name contains special characters (like ‘José’ or ‘Therèse’, please spell these out during registration. We like to address you with your true name.
After you click ‘sign up’, you will be directed to the page where you can register for the first series.

On the page checkout you will be asked to create your own password and to fill out further personal details.

Manually transfer the required amount to the following bank account:
AT09 2081 5000 4245 4934
t.n.v. G. Overmeer
Please identify your payment with your email address, so we can recognise which payment belongs to which participant

Payment is for admittance to your personal page for the course of one series. This is why we can’t refund money if you decide to stop halfway through a series.

Before placing your order, you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions.

After your payment has been received and approved, you will receive an email. From that moment you will have access to your personal page, where you can download your first letter here. Your journey begins! Be blessed!

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