Spiritual growth through letters?

We – father Gert and father Johan – believe that you are worthy of a continuous life in God’s love. Such a relationship with God is a matter of the heart – YOUR heart. To feed your heart regularly with God’s love, we have portioned our Bible study into a series of personal letters for spiritual growth.

Every three weeks you will receive one of these letters, containing a fundamental Bible study and practical exercises. With these we support you in living the wonderful purpose He created you for, both spiritual and physical. Since the best way to understand this is to experience. it, we offer you the first 10 letters for only € 7,50.

What do I need for spiritual growth?

First of all, it’s important to want. it. Because, when you read our letters and open yourself to God’s Word, you will. grow – on the spiritual level, in faith, and in your experience. of faith. You will experience God guiding your life by His Holy Spirit. You will experience Him speaking to you through His Word. Spiritual growth and experiencing God in your life – these are the purposes of Amen.

For whom?

We – Father Gert and Father Johan – write our letters for
• believing Christians
• who desire to grown in a personal relationship with God
• and are prepared to invest in spiritual growth.

We assume that
• you believe in the existence of a personal God,
• you are already somewhat familiar with the Christian faith,
• you are accustomed to looking up biblical texts.

Of course, we know that God works individually with each unique person. Whether or not you feel the above points apply to you, if you have a feeling that Amen. would be right for you at this point in your life, then you are most welcome.

How does it work?

You can sign up via the registration button on this page. After registering and paying, you will get your own secure personal page on our website (www.amenletters.com). This is where you will receive the letters, which you can print as PDF’s. We also offer you our special (free) AmenApp for your tablet or smartphone, which allows you to read and manage your letters offline.

What does it cost?

Yes, it’s true; spiritual growth involves also physical and economical elements… To gain access to the first series costs € 7,50 (VAT-exclusive). Access to each following series costs € 15.00 (VAT-exclusive).
The first series consists of 10 letters; at our suggested pace it will take just over half a year. Each following series consists of 18 letters; at our suggested pace they will take around a year each. Growth needs time, you see.

Who writes Amen?

Amen. is written by Father Gert Overmeer and Father Johan de Beer csj. They are priests who both live in the Netherlands and both desire to see greater unity among Christians. Both of them had professional jobs before training for the priesthood; Father Gert as a chemist and bio-chemist, and Father Johan as a male nurse.

In addition to writing letters, Father Gert is active in youth work. He gives retreats, attends events as a guest speaker, and gives spiritual direction – all different ways to support people’s spiritual growth. Father Johan gives retreats and works as a spiritual director as part of his congregation’s apostolate.
Before our letters are published, they are read by a group of (Dutch) young people who provide us with their feedback.

Many hunger for spiritual growth

Amen. began in 2012 as a small-scale initiative of the Dutch organisation Poustinia. Those who signed up for it received a real paper letter by post that was designed to support their personal life of prayer – the most important requirement for spiritual growth. Both the concept and the contents took off in such a way that the initiative started to grow. Many people long for spiritual growth! In order to serve them better, in 2015 Poustinia. transferred the responsibility and authors’ rights to Amenletters. so that an international version of the letters could be offered.

More about Amen’s spiritual growth
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