1. Definitions
a. Amenletters: a private initiative from father Gert Overmeer (Austria) and father Johan de Beer (Netherlands)
b. Amen: a series of personalised study letters, developed by Amenletters, containing practical assignments aimed to support the establishing and maintaining of a personal prayer life. The study letters and series have a set order.
c. Participant: the person that uses Amen.
d. Website: the website of Amenletters: www.amenletters.com
e. AmenApp: the mobile software-application of Amenletters, belonging to Amen.

2. Applicability
These General Terms apply to all relations between persons and Amenletters in the context of Amen including the use of the website and/or the AmenApp.

3. Participation
a. Participation is individual and personal. Participation cannot be transferred to another person
b. Participation is applied for by filling in the application form on the Website in its entirety and paying the amount due.
c. The costs of the first series of personalised study letters is € 7,50 (seven euros and fifty cents) excluding VAT. The cost of each subsequent series is € 15,- (fifteen euros) excluding VAT. The applicable sum due should be transferred to the bank account specified on the Website.
d. When the application has been processed and the amount due is received by Amenletters, the applicant will be registered as a Participant.
e. After registration, the email address of the Participant will be added to the send list of email messages which will inform the Participant about updates of the AmenApp. This send list will not be used for other purposes.
f. Should the personal details of the Participant (as per their application form) subsequently change, the Participant will update his personal details as soon as possible on his personal page on the Website.
g. After having finished the first series of study letters, the Participant can request, via his personal page on the Website, to continue his participation and to receive the next series of study letters. The continuation of his participation is established by using the method provided on the Website. After payment of the amount due for the new series has been made as per paragraph 3.c above and the amount due received by Amenletters, the Participants participation in Amen is continued.
h. Participation ends when the Participant has completed a series of study letters without continuation as referred to in paragraph 3.f above, or when the Participant ends participation via the provided method on his personal page on the Website.

4. Personal page and study letters
a. Participant is granted access to a personal page with an archiving functionality on the Website and/or the AmenApp.
b. Directly after the completion of the Participant’s registration, Amenletters places the first study letter of the corresponding series on the Participants personal page on the Website. It is then available for opening or downloading.
c. The next study letter is placed on Participants personal page three weeks after downloading or opening the previous study letter.
d. During ongoing participation it is not possible to switch to participation in another language.

5. Duration of access to personal page
a.Access to the Participant’s personal page will be available to the Participant for such period as is reasonably required to enable the Participant to complete one series of study letters.
b. If a study letter has not been downloaded or opened within one year after placement on the personal page, the Participant’s right of access to his personal page on the Website will expire.
c. The Participant can pause his participation in Amen once per series of study letters, by using the method provided on the Website. By doing this the duration of the Participant’s personal page will be extended.
d. The pause as referred to in par. 5.c will end when the Participant opens or downloads the next available letter on/from his personal page or when a period of five years has elapsed, whichever occurs first. In the latter case, the Participant’s right of access to his personal page will expire.
e. After the expiration of the right of access of the Participant, the Participant’s personal page will be permanently deleted and the Participants details will be removed from the registration files of Amenletters.
f. If, after the circumstances described in paragraph 5.e above, a former Participant should wish to participate again in Amen, he will have to apply again in accordance with paragraph 3 above, and any series of study letters received during his previous participation in Amen will have to be purchased and completed again in the originally applicable set order and time frame.

6. Intellectual property rights
a. The Participants recognises the intellectual property rights of Amenletters and any third parties. The Participant will not hold or seek to hold Amenletters liable for any claims made by any third party against the Participant arising from or alleged to arise from the infringement by the Participant of the intellectual property rights of any third party caused by Participant.
b. The Participant may not publish or disseminate spread any information found on the Website and/or AmenApp on his own website, on the websites of third parties or in any other way. This also applies to the use of website links.

7. Liability
a. Any decisions made on the basis of the study letters are at Participants own risk and/or expense.
b. Amenletters does not guarantee that the Website and/or the AmenApp will function without error or interruption.
c. Amenletters is not liable for any direct, indirect, particular, incidental, intangible damages or consequential damages (including lost profit damages), regardless of whether Amenletters has been notified of the possibility of such damages arising in any way from but not limited to:
1° errors, viruses or other shortcomings in the equipment and other software that is used to access and/or use the Website and/or the AmenApp;
2° the information that is provided on the Website and/or the AmenApp;
3° the interception, modification or the misuse of information sent to Amenletters or to you
4° the functioning or unavailability of the Website and/or the Amenapp;
5° abuse of the Website and/or the Amenapp;
6° the loss of data
This list is by no means exhaustive.
d. Amenletters manages and maintains the Website and the AmenApp in the Netherlands and does not guarantee that the information provided on this Website is suitable for usage in other countries. When using the Website and/or the AmenApp in other countries than
the Netherlands, you are personally responsible for complying with local law and policies.
e. Using the Website and/or the AmenApp in such a way that can cause hindrance to other internet users, and/or can endanger the functioning of the website and/or the AmenApp and/or can impair the information as offered on or via the Website and/or the AmenApp or it’s underlying software is strictly prohibited. Amenletters accepts no liability for such abuse of the Website and/or the AmenApp.

8. Privacy
a. Amenletters treats the data provided by the participants with the greatest care and only consults this data for personal use.
b. Amenletters will not provide this data to third parties without the consent of the Participant, unless Amenletters is obliged to do so by a legal provision or by a court order.
c. Amenletters exchanges exclusively the information required for the settlements of electronic payments with the payment service Mollie (www.mollie.nl).
d. Amenletters will in all cases comply with the requirements as set out in the Personal Data Protection Act (Dutch: Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens).

9. Disputes
a. Participation and services in the context of Amen are exclusively governed by Dutch law.
b. The court of Den Haag (The Hague) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with participation in Amen.

10. Final Provision
reserves the right to change the information provided on or via the Website and/or the AmenApp, including the text of these general terms and conditions, at all times, with immediate effect and without further notification. The Participant is advised periodically to check whether the information provided on or via this Website, including the text of these general terms, has changed.
also reserves the right to close the Website and/or the AmenApp.