We believe…

• that God cares for you, and that you are precious
• that He placed you in this world and gave you a personal destination
• that He wants to lead you to this destination along your own personal path
• that He is already journeying with you on this personal path.

Yes, you have read that right. We believe that God is already journeying with you.
The question is: are you also journeying with Him?

Let’s be honest: this won’t happen on its own. Living with God is:
• intensive: your dedication determines how much you receive
• challenging: God’s Word is concerned with your life and your destination
• life-changing: you will learn how unique and precious you really are

This is why we are offering you Amen: Letters about God and you.

These are:

personal letters with Bible studies and exercises (and not simply a course or a method)
• intended for believers who want to learn to know and understand God better
• a support for living your daily life with God